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Dental Surgery RODI Pure Water Filter System - 200GPD with Booster Pump, Inline TDS Meter and Standing Bracket

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Finerfilters 4 Stage Dental Surgery Reverse Osmosis System.
200GPD Output with Booster Pump, Inline TDS Meter and Standing Bracket

The latest addition to our ever popular RO range.
Due to our market leading success with domestic and aquarium reverse osmosis systems, we've combined the same quality, knowledge and performance into a compact dental RO system.
This unit is fitted with a standing bracket, pressure gauge and comes supplied with an inline TDS meter to provide you with the readings you need to ensure you are acheiving pure water.

Finerfilters 5 Stage Dental Reverse Osmosis System with Diaphragm Booster Pump (200 GPD)

This unit will work as a direct flow system however we also have pressurised storage tanks available to purchase seperately.
It is recommended that a storage tank is installed to maintain the supply of purified water for surgeries with quick turnaround times or larger client bases. A tank would also be useful incase of an emergency such as a water outage, or continuing to use the deionised water whilst changing the filters.

This system produces up to 757 litres per day of purified water and comes complete with:

  • Installation Manual.
  • Stainless steel mounting bracket.
  • All pipes, pre-filters, post filters, and fittings required for installation.
  • Diaphragm Booster Pump with high and low pressure switches.

The membrane/s can last between 1 and 2 years dependent on water hardness.
Filters to be replaced every six months.
DI Resin to be replaced when the TDS starts to increase.

Please note:
This system requires a minimum incoming / mains water pressure of 29 PSI (2 BAR) to work.
This pressure is required to operate the booster pump, do not install with lower pressures as this may damage the pump.
The outgoing water pressure from the booster pump can be adjusted. The ideal pressure required to push water through the membrane depends upon several factors such as incoming water TDS and temperature but around 60 PSI (4 BAR) is acceptable.

Reverse Osmosis Systems waste water to make water, this is normal and is how all RO systems operate.
This is due to how the membrane rejects the impure water, which goes to the drain, to produce the pure water. This process should be done at a high pressure as the water is being forced through microscopic holes which catch contaminants.

The system works optimally at 80-90 PSI (5.5 - 6 bar), and to get to the quoted output, we'd recommend running the system on or around this pressure.
This allows the system to reduce the waste water to pure water ratio and work quicker at producing pure water.

The 5 stages of filtration are;
Stage 1 5µm (micron) sediment filter made of 100% pure Polypropylene fibres. Removes suspended solids such as dirt, sediment, sand and rust.
Stage 2 5µm (micron) Carbon Block filter. Composed of high performance activated coconut carbon. Removes Trihalomethanes, Pesticides and Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs).
Stage 3 High rejection TFC (thin film composite) reverse osmosis membrane. This membrane removes contaminants present in water Including, up to 99% of dissolved Salts, Lead, Copper, Barium, Bacterial by-products, Oestrogen and Silica.
Stage 4 High rejection TFC (thin film composite) reverse osmosis membrane. A second membrane increases the pure water production capacity to 200GPD and reduces the amount of waste water created by the reverse osmosis process.
Stage 5 Refillable inline cartridge pre-filled with DI Resin. This cartridge, when used after RO process, uses a catalytic ion exchange process to remove water of non-essential, charged ions. This further reduces the TDS and creates highly purified water that is suitable for use in medical and laboratory use.
More Information
Product Name 4 Stage Pumped Dental RO Water Filter System with Inline TDS Meter 200GPD
Brand/Manufacturer Finerfilters
Item Type Dental Reverse Osmosis
Connection Type 1/4" Push Fit
Contaminants Filtered Sediment, Particulate & Suspended Solids, Dissolved Organics, Chlorine Taste & Odour, Pesticides & Herbicides, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Chloramines, Cysts (Giardia & Cryposporidium), Pathogenic Bacteria, Limescale, Heavy Metals, Fluoride, Hormones (Oestrogen etc.), Microplastics, Arsenic, Asbestos, Atrazine, Benzene, Tetrachloroethylene
Min. Working Temp. 0.6°C / 33°F
Working Pressure 2 Bar / 29 Psi / 200 kPa
Max. Working Pressure 8 Bar / 116 Psi / 800 kPa
Micron Rating 0.0001 Micron
Weight (kg) 10.500000
Height (mm) 46.000000
Width (mm) 25
Depth (mm) 25.000000
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