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CFL-680B ThermoShield Double Walled Insulated Teapot by FilterLogic

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FilterLogic CFL-680B ThermoShield Double Walled Insulated Teapot

FilterLogic's handcrafted double-walled teapots are made with high-quality borosilicate glass, giving them their characteristic lightness and thermal resistance.

The ThermoShield technology keeps your drink hotter for longer while the elegant handcrafted design ensures a beautiful and elegant looking glass teapot.

Built in infuser has been specially designed for loose leaf tea.
The infuser can also be lifted clear to prevent over-brewing.

The internal infused makes it incredibly easy to brew loose leaf tea with no mess and fuss-free emptying.

These glasses are Dishwasher Safe.

Not suitable for microwave use.

Capacity: 1 Litre

Height (Including Lid): 185mm
Width (including handle & spout): 205mm
Diameter (at base): 130mm

FilterLogic CFL-680B Thermoshield Double Wall Insulated Teapot

Making Tea isn't just making about throwing a bag in a cup and adding hot water - It is an art itself. The balance of temperature, water quality, the blend of leaves, the brewing process are all vital in determining the characteristics of the final drink.

As the water cools you start to lose the efficacy of the brewing process which stops releasing those characteristic flavours of the tea leaves. This continues when moved into a cup and ceramic cups tend to cool very quickly, something which is perceived as a problem by consumers.

Once ready for use - the FilterLogic ThermoShield range will ensure your drinks remain hot for as long as possible, with most users preferring them over the traditional ceramic cups.

Quality and precise craftsmanship.

Every glass is hand blown and crafted by artisan workers, ensuring workmanship and quality that cannot be obtained with mass-manufacturing methods which allows you to notice and eliminate any scratches and imperfections before it reaches your home ensuring only the highest standard of glassware.

The borosilicate glass walls create an elegant shape that fits in the hand, for a light and easy to pour pot.

ThermoShield technology in every home.

ThermoShield works a bit like a double-glazing windows, which keep the heat in and the cold out, not new technology at all but well tested and proven as a barrier to keep heat inside and the cold outside!

All FilterLogic glassware are based around our unique ThermoShield Technology.
Precision crafted double wall glass, designed to retain the heat of your drinks whilst keeping the exterior cool to the touch.
Borosilicate Glass also makes the glass resistant to thermal shock.

Dishwasher Safe.

All FilterLogic glasses can be washed in a dishwasher on a gentle cleaning setting. Glasses may be damaged if settings other than a gentle clean are used.

Quality Assured.

FilterLogic manufacture a wide range of coffee products and accessories, from water filtration to glassware to chemicals, designed in house by people who understand and care about coffee, with every product undergoing rigorous testing, trialling and development to ensure satisfaction.

More Information
Product Name CFL-680B ThermoShield Double Walled Insulated Teapot by FilterLogic
Brand/Manufacturer FilterLogic
Model Number CFL-680B
Expected Lifespan 6 Months
Weight (kg) 1.100000
Height (mm) 185.000000
Width (mm) 205
Depth (mm) 130.000000
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