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5 Stage Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis System 800GPD Compact Tankless RO Unit ¦ FF-DFT9-800

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Pure Water Straight from the Tap
With a filtration accuracy of 0.0001um, this system efficiently removes contaminants like fluoride, limescale and heavy metals.

No More Waiting for Water
These systems are "direct flow" which means that pure drinking water is readily available from the moment you turn the tap, unlike a traditional RO system which can take several hours to produce and store enough pure water to be dispensed.

Cleaner & More Compact
The innovative tankless RO system eliminates the risk of secondary pollution from traditional storage tanks where bacteria eventually starts to build up and takes up to 70% less storage space under your sink.

Eco-Friendly & Economical
With a 1.5:1 low drain rate and a high-water flow rate of 600 GPD, our fast-filtering RO system wastes 34% less water than the traditional ones and is much more efficient with a flow rate of 1.6 litres per minute!

The Best Multi-Layer Composite Filtration
The 5 in 2 filters offer a smart filtration system for better, purer water at a lower overall cost. The integrated filter design ensures high purity filtration and softened, perfect to drink water.

Finerfilters 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System 800GPD - Direct Flow, Tankless, Compact!

The Finerfilters DFT9-800 Direct Flow, Tankless, and Compact Reverse Osmosis system is the latest addition to our catalogue of RO units.

These brand new systems offer all the features and benefits of a traditional reverse osmosis system, without the negatives such as lengthy installation and setup processes, awkward or messy filter changes, and long , wasteful production of pure drinking water.

Fast Filtration and High-Water Flow.

Unlike slow, traditional RO systems, our fast-filtering technology ensures a continuous water supply and a fast flow with a high water flow rate of 800 GPD (gallons per day), while reducing water waste by 34%.

Enjoy flow rates of up to 2.1L/h meaning you can fill a glass of water in just a few seconds!

Cost & Time Effective Filtration.

We’ve combined 5 filters into 2 - meaning you save 30% on filter replacement costs when compared to other systems all while achieving a higher level of filtration.

The filter composition technology has an ultimate filtration accuracy of 0.0001µm.

Much Greater Production Rates.

Traditional RO systems usually work on a 3:1 ratio which means you lose 3 litres of waste water for every 1L of pure water.

Our tankless, direct flow systems are capable of achieveing pure water production rates of only 1.5:1 which is a significant reduction in water waste that in turn saves you money (especially if on a water meter) and is kinder to the environment.

No More Harmful Contaminants.

The innovative filtration system eliminates more than 1000 contaminants keeping your water safe from chlorine, heavy metals, turbidity, scale, bad taste and odour.

As well as some more toxic inorganic and organic contaminants like arsenic, fluoride, asbestos, benzene, formaldehyde, lindane, phenytoin, nitrate/nitrite, bisphenol A, trichloromethane, chlordane, etc.

Easy Installation and Filter Replacement.

No need for professional installation - Anyone can install the RO system in only 30 minutes. The filters are also easily changed out within seconds - making replacement simple.

The 30 mins installation & 3 seconds filter change can be seen in the how-to video in the 'Product Videos' tab and in the downloadable instruction manual in the 'Attachments' Tab

Intelligent Touch Screen Display.

The Finerfilters Direct Flow, Tankless RO System looks and feels great to use. With it's highly sensitive and responsive touch control screen you are able to easily cycle through options and operate your RO system.

The on-screen display shows vital information such as the TDS of your water and filter life, so you know exactly when they need to be replaced.

Better than Traditional RO Systems.

Our direct flow RO systems are simply levels above a traditional Reverse Osmosis system.

Compare the FF-DFT9-800 system to a traditional RO unit in graphic above and see for yourself!

Sleek, Tankless & Modern Design for your Kitchen.

Save space under your sink with our compact, tankless design that will fit anywhere without a problem. Forget those old, bulky filtration systems.

Finerfilters' Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis System has a stylish, sleek shape that will not only save space but look much more appealing compared to traditional RO systems.

FF-DFT9-800 Technical Specifications.

Pre-Filter Technical Specifications.

The Activated Carbon Block Filter removes sediment, rust, large particles, chlorine, VOCs, THMs etc...

RO Membrane Technical Specifications.

The Reverse Osmosis Membrane Composite Filter eliminates impurities like heavy metals, TDS, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms.

More Information
Product Name 5 Stage Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis System 800GPD Compact Tankless RO Unit ¦ FF-DFT9-800
Brand/Manufacturer Finerfilters
Model Number FF-RO-DFT9-800GPD
Item Type Domestic Reverse Osmosis
Contaminants Filtered Sediment, Particulate & Suspended Solids, Dissolved Organics, Chlorine Taste & Odour, Pesticides & Herbicides, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Chloramines, Cysts (Giardia & Cryposporidium), Pathogenic Bacteria, Viruses, Limescale, Heavy Metals, Fluoride, Hormones (Oestrogen etc.), Microplastics, Arsenic, Asbestos, Atrazine, Benzene, Tetrachloroethylene, Dust, Hair, Fur, Pet Dander, Bad Smell & Odour
Micron Rating 0.0001 Micron
Height (mm) 400.000000
Width (mm) 160
Depth (mm) 435.000000
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