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Join the Finerfilters Subscribe & save program today and save 5% instantly on HEPA air filters, drinking water filtersfridge filters and shower filters as well as filters for spas and hot tubs. This includes all replacement filters wherever you see the Subscribe & Save Product marker.

Continuing to top up your water filter stock and fitting them on time will help you to maintain better tasting water and be free of harmful contaminants such as heavy metals, chlorine and VOCs. You can also improve your skin and hair health by removing contaminants such as chlorine, with shower and multi-use filters.

Finerfilters subscribe & save benefits:

  • You have total control over purchasing replacement filters, including pausing your subscription and skipping scheduled deliveries via a user-friendly Account Dashboard. Reactivation and special deliveries are just as easy.
  • Your replacement filters will be delivered via Free Royal Mail Delivery Service, which ensures you get them in time to replace expired filters.
  • You can select the billing cycle that best meets your needs.
  • Your reorders are streamlined, meaning they get to you sooner than regular orders and you save money with each reorder.
  • You get one-of-a-kind customer service that is friendly, professional and knowledgeable with more than 40 years experience.

Industry experts recommend that drinking water filter systems have their filters replaced every six months or sooner depending on local water quality to ensure the purest water possible. That replacement schedule can be accelerated by contacting Finerfilters here.

With the Finerfilters’ subscription service, you can make sure you never miss a filter replacement date again and save money in the process.

Start saving today on your drinking water, fridge and multipurpose filters at Finerfilters Ltd.

Finerfilters Subscribe & Save service is now available as a "soft launch" during March 2021. If after searching our web shop as usual you find that your product is not yet enabled; please email and our web team will assist you, alternatively you may call us on 01704 807600 and our customer service team will be able to help.


      1. Save time and money on all future replacement filter orders.
      2. Stay in control - Pause, Skip or Cancel your Subscribe & Save profile(s) within your Finerfilters Account Dashboard.
      3. Receive free Royal Mail delivery as standard.
      4. Select a billing cycle to suit your personal preference.
      5. No second-guessing when to place a new order - we'll do it for you, as defined by your preferred billing cycle!

Good to know:

It is strongly recommended by industry standards to replace your Water Filter every 6 months to ensure premium grade water treatment in your home or work environment. Choose from a range of delivery schedules to suit your lifestyle and we will automatically apply a 5% saving against all Subscribe & Save with Finerfilters orders. To cancel your subscribe & save profile, please contact us first on 01704 807600 weekdays 9AM-5PM or Email us and we will be delighted to help answer any of your questions or offer further assistance where possible.